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The Rise and Rise of Chinese Shipping 1980-2040

  • In the 40 years or so since China's special economic zones began to open, the nation has gone from being an economic backwater to the world's second largest economy, the world's leading importer of oil, natural gas, iron ore and coal, and the world's leading exporter of steel, manufactured goods and gasoil. This book tells the story of how China's domestic shipping and ports industry has evolved over that time to support the most rapid economic development in human history. 

    The book is written by our MD, Mark Williams, and draws on his 25 years of experience in shipping including dozens of visits to mainland Chinese shipping companies, ship yards, banks and trading houses.  

    If you have an interest in Chinese economic development, or in shipping, or if you enjoyed books like The Box or Ninety Percent of Everything, then you will enjoy this book. 

    200 pages

    94,000 words

    117 figures

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