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Bedtime / Poolside Reading for Posidonia Week

Whether you are in Athens or not, here's some Need to Know reading.

There are two common assumptions in shipping. One is that shipping is a supply-led market in which freight incomes (and therefore asset prices) determined by the variable amount of supply there is to satisfy demand. The second is that shipping is best left to independent ship owners who can carry the capital risk and reputational cost of stuff around the world by sea much more efficiently and cheaply than cargo owners can. In the 21st Century these two commonplaces become increasingly fragile assumptions on which to build, for, an investment case. In three new publications, I take a long hard look at the assumptions which underlie shipping investments and consider the relevant macro-economic context, the geopolitical risks, technological and environmental challenges and opportunities. The first report is focused on the bulk carrier market and forms our regular quarterly review and five year forecast. This is a 20,000 word, 40 page report and is quite data-heavy, it is ideal for acharterers as well as owners and the analysts who support them. There are discounts for annual subscriptions - write to me for details. The second is a political, economic, social, technological and operational outlook for shipping with some startling conclusions for independent ship owners. I call it The Five Tiers of Transition. This is a 28,000 word, 64 page report ideal for investors and owners looking longer-term at how macro economic issues will affect them. The third is a review of the inexorable rise of Chinese shipping from 1980 to 2040. This 200 page, 90,000 word, book-length work covers the rise of China's international trade, its ports and terminals sector, its ship owners, financiers and charterers as well as how China interacts with global regulations. Its publication was stymied by the pandemic so I'm making it available directly to readers of my website for just £14.99

Treat yourself this week to some bedtime (or poolside) reading! MarkW.

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