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Training Courses

We provide bespoke training and mentoring to clients around the world including ship owners, managers, charterers, mining and energy companies, trading houses, OEMS and professional services companies. If you have particular requirements, please call or email us - alternatively browse our prepared courses from the list below. 


Fundamentals of ESG for Shipping

This one day or half day course to suit takes place in clients' sites or online. Maximum of 15 Delegates. £399 per delegate for half day, £799 for full day version. Introduces the main regulations and best practice in each of the Environmental , Social, and Governance domains. Provides delegates with an understanding of the IMO's emissions regimes, latest thinking on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and how Governance codes affect the shipping business model. Group exercises and multi-media content.

Email for a full synopsis and to discuss booking your course.

Decarbonising Shipping

This one-day course introduces the main IMO regulations which will enforce shipping's transition to net zero. It covers policy in the major shipping nations and regions. Full review of EEDI, EEXI, CII and their likely implications. It introduces the main low-carbon and zero carbon fuels such as LNG, methanol, ammonia, hydrogen, fuel cells, batteries, biofuels and e-fuels and covers the advantages and disadvantages of each for ship types and business models. Covers Poseidon Principles, Charterer attitudes, and the likely effects of decarbonisation on shipping busines model and market structure. £499 per delegate. Maximum 30 delegates. For a full synopsis and to book your course, email

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An Introduction to Shipping Markets Fundamentals

This one-day course takes place at client sites or online. Covers: Major Ship Types and Markets, How to Earn (and Lose) Money Operating a Ship; Ship Finance 101; Rules and Regulations. Includes multimedia learning, group exercises, full course notes. £499 per delegate. Maximum 30 delegates per course ensures interaction with the course leader. For a full synopsis and to discuss booking your course, email 

A Primer in Shipping Markets Analysis

Designed for candidates who are in their first role and have market research and analysis responsibilities. Guides delegates through best practice in data collection, validation, analysis and reporting. Delegates learn good practice in housekeeping, report generation, presentation skills, how to write about shipping in its macro economc context, and how to analyse and forecast supply, demand, earnings and values. The course has eight weekly modules, each requiring around six hours' work and includes a weekly tutorial. Cost: £999 per student. Includes full course texts, MS Excel files, and supporting library in PDF. For a full synopsis and start dates, email

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Valuing Ships

Mark Williams has been valuing vessels since 2002. In this half-day course, he takes you through the process so that you have the skills and tools to peform your own valuations, or to critique valuations you are given. Covers all major ship types: bulk carriers, container ships, tankers, pax/roro. Teaches delegates to undertand key technical characteristics of vessels that affect valuation, how to collect and store data, and how to track value changes over time.  £380 per delegate, online or in-person at client sites. Email to book your course. 

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