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Telling the Story of Now


The expert insights, without the overheads

In uncertain times, research, insight and data are more vital than ever - but often the first area to feel the pinch as organisations tighten their belts. Led by world-renowned maritime expert Mark Williams, our research team will give you the knowledge you need for decision-making without the overheads of an in-house team.


Whether you are looking for a weekly market report, ad-hoc advisory, specialist fleet data or bespoke analytics, our team can put together a tailored package of oursourced research that lets you keep track of the industry - and your budget. 


Structured knowledge transfer for shipping research

As well as delivering more tailored consultancy and briefings, Shipping Strategy delivers the course Certificate in Shipping Markets Analysis via Lloyds Maritime Academy. To view the course and sign up click the link below


We work with you to develop bespoke analytics software

Our clients often have questions that can best be answered by harnessing the power of big data, for example via analysis of the AIS satellite data stream. We will work with you to specify and develop digital platforms that deliver the specific insights you need from the data. Contact us if you have a project you'd like to discuss.


One-off insight projects or longer term engagements

Our bespoke consulting service can deliver the insights you need to move forward. Whether it is sector research, a feasibility study or knowledge transfer from a maritime industry expert, we can assist either as project leaders or partners within your team.


Expert briefings, by phone or in person

This service is ideal for businesses that need occasional, highly focused insights into the maritime and energy sectors in order to answer specific challenges and strategy points. Our experts can arrange a briefing conversation either in person or by telephone with a focused agenda to help inform your decision-making.


Bring your team together for an expert-led strategy day

Whether it's about refreshing your team's sector knowledge or tackling a thorny business question, our expert-led whole day strategy seminars can help you chart the course to better informed decision making.

Expert Briefings
Bespoke Consulting
App Development
Strategy Seminars
Outsourced research
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